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Under its license agreements, Asia Green Biotechnology Corp. has secured the exclusive rights to participate in the development and deploy the biotechnology and related intellectual property developed by InPlanta Biotechnology Inc. and Swysh Inc. in the hemp  industries throughout Asia. While the potential Asian markets for these exciting new applications are significant, Asia Green management has been careful to apply a focus to regions of initial priority. 

At this time, countries subject to that focus include Cambodia, Thailand, and South Korea.  Future activities will be directed at Japan, China, India, Malaysia, and Singapore. Asia Green plans to develop varieties of hemp  with the best growth, by-product, and production characteristics in the various environments found in each of these territories.

These locally-based sector investments will benefit from both the changing social climate relative to hemp use and the historic acceptance of the use of these products and their derivatives.

Asia Countries Map -

Kingdom of Cambodia

Through Asia Hemp Industry Corp., the exclusive business partner of Asia green in Cambodia, application has been made to the appropriate institutions and regulatory authorities in Cambodia for research accreditation and permits to support and permit importation and testing of Canadian developed hemp strains.    Asia Green will introduce seed and/or genetic material to allow cross-pollination of identified strains with demonstrated economically viable traits.  Ultimately, we will expand and encourage integration of hemp farming into the local and regional economy in a responsible manner, approaching growth and expectations of the local community in a reasonable way as dictated by demand. The government’s response to our application has been extremely encouraging.


Asia Green has entered an agreement to form a joint venture with AmeriSeed Group to collaborate in the pursuit and execution of a business development plan tied to the evaluation and implementation of seed and plant production techniques relating to hemp and other plants with medicinal, practical, or other benefits.  The parties jointly provide managerial input, equipment, intellectual property, and material to facilitate the operational needs of such a project in Thailand.  AmeriSeed engages in research and development activities as well as general operations in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and has expertise in plant genetics, seed production and technology, plant production, sales, and market dynamics.  The company has an extensive record of successful operations in Thailand and elsewhere with world-wide sales of seed and plant products.

Asia Green is also in negotiations with universities in Thailand for the purpose of undertaking joint research programs aimed at evaluating both the growing characteristics of the Company’s plant stains and the nature of by-product viability, including potential studies of the Swysh COVID-19 treatment.

Ameriseed growing operations.
Potential growing facility in Thailand.

South Korea

Hemp was an important crop in ancient Korea, with samples of hempen fabric discovered dating back as early as 3000 BCE.  The Korean government has expressed a desire to access and implement hemp production as a new and important commercial farming activity in the country, and the technology available to Asia Green offers significant opportunities to assist in implementing such a plan.  Presently, Asia Green has approached science-oriented academic institutions in the country to assist in establishing entry into that market, and we are aware of an abundance of well-suited facilities in the country which offer ready adoption to hemp production processes.

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