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Asia Green Biotechnology Corp. is aware of Green bonds/Social Credits and  has incorporated these programs into its structure to help further support the economic viability of these projects

  • Climate/Green Bondsare bonds used to finance or re-finance projects needed to address climate change. Proceeds are also  allocated to a wide variety environmental projects and may or may not address the climate. These Bonds are verified to conform with the Climate Bonds Standards (CBS).  These standards contain rigorous scientific criteria which are consistent with the 2 degree Celsius warning limit declared in the 2015 Paris Agreement.
  • Benefits The green market for bonds is expected to reach a Trillion dollars a year in the next 5 years .  Given that the bonds are investment grade, many institutional investors now have a mandate to invest in projects that have a stated environmental impact
  • Biofuels Biofuels have a large green mandate and are the largest recipient of green bonds after investment in renewables (wind and solar) and infrastructure
Drivers of Green Bond Market Growth
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