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Scientific Breeding

for Optimal Varieties,

Yields, and Uses

Asia Green Biotechnology Corp. has secured licensing agreements with InPlanta Biotechnology Inc. and Swysh Inc., both being Alberta-based bio-science research and development companies controlled by Dr. Igor Kovalchuk.  Dr. Kovalchuk’s teams of professionals have a primary focus on the advanced understanding of the Cannabis sativa plant family.  The core approach of the business is centered on the planting, growing, and harvesting of new and valuable strains of hemp and related crops in commercial quantities under the terms of a license agreement with InPlanta.

In conjunction with InPlanta, Asia Green is developing and testing varieties of hemp with superior growth and production characteristics in the various environments found in the licensed territories. With the data and associated knowledge gained from these activities, Asia Green intends to leverage the technology to develop a portfolio of strategic hemp investments to take advantage of both the changing social climate relative to hemp use and the historic acceptance of the use of these products and their derivatives in certain of the jurisdictions granted under the License Agreement.

Swysh Inc. is a company focused on the conduct of specific cannabinoid-based research and development activities and that owns proprietary technology and related intellectual property aimed at providing the basis for creation of topical treatments for a variety of external and internal conditions and ailments, including a number of anti-viral and preventative health-care applications. This agreement grants a license to Asia Green to deploy the technology for the purpose of completing further research, development, testing and additional validation and establishment of practical applications with a view to commercialization of the technology in the greater region of Asia.

Of particular focus of both Swysh and Asia Green at this time is aggressive testing of  the extracts of Swysh’s most successful and novel high CBD C. sativa lines which may, pending further investigation, become a useful and safe addition to the treatment of COVID-19 as an adjunct therapy. They can be used to develop easy-to-use preventative treatments in the form of mouthwash and throat gargle products for both clinical and at-home use. It is the intention of the Asia Green and Swysh teams to test such products for their potential to decrease viral entry via the oral and nasal mucosa.

Ameriseed seedling activity.

Seed Breeding

Breeding practises require intensive selection of strains based on their various traits, including time of flowering, flower and seed yield, oil and protein composition, cannabinoid levels and ratios, fibre yield and quality, as well as potential medicinal properties of derivable extracts.


The study of Plant Genetics leads to the capture of genomic profiles of individual varieties or cultivars, and the use this knowledge permits the bioengineering of new hemp and related varieties with specific and sought-after characteristics such as unique phytocannabiniod CBD and THC profiles.

Dr. Kovalchuk demonstrates lab processes for hemp research
Controlled conditions experiments with hemp.


Hybridization is a specialized breeding process allowing scientists to isolate plants with unique traits and use them for cross-pollination – or hybridization – with other strains, thus potentially creating a new variety with a unique and desirable trait combination. Such hybrids may be obtained by cross-pollination of any two varieties of hemp to obtain hybrid varieties with resultant changes in overall seed and oil yield, time to fruition, resistance to pests, geometric traits (uniformity, compactness, flower density, etc.), colour, flavour/ aroma, end-user appeal, CBD and/or psychoactive qualities, and flower trichome density and type (stalked or sessile).

Production Research and Development

The InPlanta and Swysh teams, in concert with Asia Green, are conducting advanced research for breeding and cultivation of hemp and other varieties with development of products from flowers, seeds, and stems in the licensed tropical and sub-tropical regions of Asia.

Product development includes, but is not limited to the development of cultivation best practices for both outdoor and indoor cultivation, with attention paid to factors such as air circulation, fertilizer use, light levels, temperature, humidity, etc. Product preparation best practices assess the trimming, curing, oil extraction, evaluation of medicinal properties of oils, the formulation of seed products with best nutritional value, and the analysis of fibre quality.

Industrial scale production facility inspection in Thailand.

InPlanta Biotechnology Inc. brings unparalleled Alberta-based expertise and advice related to the core biotechnology, genetics/genomics of hemp and cannabis as related to: cultivation options and requirements; stages of plant development, cultivation and production methodologies; harvesting, drying and curing techniques, genetics of cultivars for auto-flowering, feminization of seeds and cross-pollination to produce unique strains and hybrids.

Swysh Inc. actively researches and develops the protocols and, by extension, specialised treatments associated with these new cannabinoid lines, extracts and their related applications. In addition to the domestic research programs being implemented, Swysh will expand on the network being developed by Asia Green in Asia to continue the thorough research and development process on the use of hemp extracts for prevention of SARS-CoV2 infection, especially at a time when such significant need exists for preventative and therapeutic treatments for COVID-19.

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