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Anti-viral and preventative

 health-care applications

may have positive impacts on the COVID-19*

* A patent application has now been filed by agents for Swysh with the United States Patent Office

Asia Green has entered an agreement with Swysh Inc., an Alberta company focused on specific cannabinoid-based research and development activities. Swych inc. owns proprietary technology and related intellectual property for creation of topical and systemic treatments for external and internal conditions and ailments, including a number of anti-viral and preventative health-care applications. This agreement grants a license to Asia Green to deploy the technology, and to complete further research, development, testing, and additional validation. This will establish practical applications with a view to commercialization of the technology in the greater region of Asia.

Of critical relevance at this time is specific research being undertaken by Swysh and Asia Green relative to an anti-viral treatment which may have positive impacts on the COVID-19 viral disease.

To date, Swysh has taken the following material steps in proceeding with its COVID-19 research:

  1. A patent application has now been filed with the United States Patent Office by agents for Swysh. The application covers new and unique Cannabis sativa lines, extracts, and methods for their use to inhibit the levels of ACE2 receptor in oral, lung, and intestinal epithelial tissues to prevent entry of SARS-CoV-2 and related viruses, to treat the cytokine storm that precedes and underlies acute respiratory distress syndrome in COVID-19 and other diseases, and to affect viral life cycle processes. Extracts of novel hemp lines can be combined with anti-viral agents and anti-inflammatory extracts of turmeric, chamomile, sage, fennel, ginger, rosehip or other herbs, as well as probiotics to increase their efficacy.
  2. Swysh, its partners, and research team have submitted a Working Paper for academic review and comment. It details aspects of the research undertaken to date and outlines anticipated next steps in that process.
  3. Asia Green, acting in concert with Swysh, has open channels of communication with certain Asian academic and research institutions to plan and conduct further research, and ultimately direct tests and clinical trials of the effects and impacts of these extracts and the methods for their use.

Given the unprecedented and material impact of the current pandemic, Asia Green management intends to deploy as many resources as possible to actively contribute to development of the Swysh anti-viral applications.

Dr. Kovalchuk in discussions with Cambodian science partners.
Dr. Kovalchuk in discussions with Cambodian science partners.
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