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Asia Green Biotechnology Corp. is developing relationships with Canadian and Asian partner companies for joint development of specialized technology for the production of synthetic fuel from hemp biomass.  It is the aim of Asia Green to develop and produce strains of hemp capable of producing large-volume biomass  suitable for the production of synthetic fuels.  Working with these partners will ensure that the best traits are identified and maximized, and with viable partners in place to accept and commercially process hemp inputs, which can be produced in a number of the regions in which Asia Green is or will be active.

Biomass and Gas to Liquids (BGTL) Technology Hemp biomass is converted into synthetic fuels through a common gasification process and then converted into SynDiesel or Synjet through a modified Fischer-Tropsch process. The initial gasification stage converts the hemp biomass into high quality, tar-free gas. This synthetic fuel can be used in power generation or in other renewable fuel-based technological applications.

SynGas– Asia Green’s partner base has sophisticated engineering expertise and technical knowledge, which has been built on decades of experience in the oil and gas, processing, facilities, and alternative energy industries.  Existing plants have been shown to be cost effective on a small scale eliminating the need for significant capital outlays.

SynDiesel/Synjet – These synthetic fuels are clean burning, high quality, and renewable with the following characteristics:  no Sulphur, low aromatics, high cetane, colorless and odorless fuel; biodegradable and nontoxic; premium drop-in or blend fuel; suitable for use in current engines; meets or exceeds the following standards: ASTM D975, CARB and Euro 5.

Biofuel For Power GenerationBiomass-based fuel and fuel additives are quickly becoming recognized as effective agents for the reduction of emissions from conventional hydrocarbon power plants. This represents a significant and growing potential market for Asia Green’s biomass and biofuel products throughout Asia.

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