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Asia Green Biotechnology Corp. is an early-stage, international agri-technology company is moving toward the planting, growing, and harvesting of new and valuable strains of hemp and related crops in commercial quantities in Asia. Our licensed technology secures our exposure to horticultural, scientific, genetic, genomic and related advances, and expands our capacities in the hemp and related sectors.

We intend to apply our licensed technology to make use of the positive climatic conditions in strategic Asian regions.  In addition, the political and social acceptance of hemp and associated products, existing agricultural and processing infrastructure, and potential applications of certain by-products in the realm of traditional and advanced medicine will create a strong and positive market for our licensed genetics and hybridization processes.

Our business is moving toward commercially planting, growing, and harvesting new and valuable strains of hemp and related crops under technology license agreements with InPlanta Biotechnologies Inc. and Swysh Inc. of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. InPlanta and Swysh are each bio-science and research and development companies that are active in many aspects of the hemp and  biosciences industry and provide horticultural, scientific, genetics, data analytics, and other services. Asia Green has exclusive rights to use the technology developed by InPlanta and Swysh in the hemp and related crop sectors in Asia.

Working under a Health Canada research license, the Swysh team has developed over 800 new Cannabis sativa lines and extracts and hypothesized that high-CBD C. sativa extracts may be used to modulate ACE2 expression in COVID-19 target tissues. This agreement grants an exclusive license to Asia Green to deploy the technology for the purpose of completing further research, development, testing, and additional validation and establishment of practical applications with a view to commercialization of the technology in the greater region of Asia.

Social and business trends world-wide, point to an embracing of hemp as a multi-faceted, broad application plant capable of addressing significant needs in the realms of food, fuel, fibre, foundation, and pharmaceuticals.  This awareness is driving the growing demand for advanced genetic cultivars.

Thai greenhouses for potential hemp growing operations.
Dr. Kovalchuk describes lab activities with hemp plants.

Asia Green’s licensed technology offers extensive opportunities to test and develop new varieties of hemp for optimal growth and production potential in new regional environments.

Initial focus is on testing and developing those genetic strains of hemp and other plants which offer the greatest potential for creation of new crops and products with applications in a broad range of areas.

Seedling operations, Thailand.
Extensive agricultural activity in northern Thailand.

Hemp represents one of the most dynamic and versatile industrial crops. It is also one of the most rapidly-renewable materials in the world. Our ability to implement genetic hybridization of hemp and other plants can provide significant expansion of the potential of that crop in the realms of food, fuel, fibre, and foundation pillars of the hemp industry.

Greenhouse Inside View
Asia Green Biotechnology Inc. - Traditional Chinese Corporate Profile
Asia Green Biotechnology Inc. - Traditional Chinese Corporate Profile
Asia Green Biotechnology Inc. - Simplified Chinese Corporate Profile
Asia Green Biotechnology Inc. - Simplified Chinese Corporate Profile
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